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【Exhibitors】Sino-Dental 2018 Booth Reservation

Author:Sino-Dental 2016-04-20
Dear Exhibitors,

Welcome to the 22nd China International Dental Exhibition & Scientific Conference (Sino-Dental® 2017), which to be held during June 9-12, 2017 at the China National Convention Center (CNCC), Beijing.

I. Booking Schedule






National Pavilions

Sep 1st - 30th

Application Submission >> Booth Confirmation


More than 8 booths

Oct 10th - 31st

Application Submission >> Booth Confirmation >> Deposit


4-7 booths

Nov 1st - 23rd


1-3 booths

10:00 am (GMT+8:00)

Nov 24th

Overseas exhibitors: Application >> Booth Confirmation >> Deposit

Domestic exhibitors: Hotline Call-in Pre-Reservation >> Application Submission >> Booth Confirmation >> Deposit


II. Booth Application Principles

1.  General Principles
(1)    Allocating priority according to the number of booths (please refer to the booking schedule).
(2)    Allocating priority according to the scoring system within the same phase (please refer to scoring principles).
(3)    In the case of same booth scale with similar score, the principle of “first come, first served” will apply.

2.         Scoring Principles
(1)        Innovation

  • Debut/launching of new products/ technology at Sino-Dental.
  • Innovated cutting-edge technology with independent IP.
  • Suggested credential document submission: independent intellectual property rights/patent certification; technology/innovation/authoritative awards or nomination; proof of debut/launching plan at Sino-Dental; influential and authoritative third party evaluations, etc.

(2)        Green

  • ž Energy-saving, eco-friendly, low-consumption manufactures/products and/or booth construction plan at Sino-Dental.
  • ž Suggested credential document submission: certification on energy-saving and environmental protection; eco-friendly booth construction plan; influential and authoritative third party evaluations.

(3)        Brand

  • ž Company industrial influence and display image at Sino-Dental.
  • ž Suggested credential document submission: authoritative awards/nomination or ranking; business status, company annual report, listed company information, etc.; documented (photos, videos, construction plans, etc.) historical display image and catalog entry in previous Sino-Dental and/or other influential international (dental) exhibitions.

(4)        Credibility

  • ž No record of infringement of intellectual property rights (both in China and overseas); no record of violations of Sino-Dental regulations, including but not limited to, re-sale, lease or sub-lease of booths, unqualified construction plan, and on-site violation of others’ rights, etc. (Sino-Dental will also refer to the violation record in the past 5 years for scoring, and certain points will be deducted accordingly).
  • ž Suggested credential document submission: Sino-Dental booth display image (photos, videos, construction plans, etc.) in previous 3-5 years; intellectual property rights documents; third party certification (e.g. 3rd in honest company ranking list), etc.

(5)        International

  • ž Inviting international dealers to attend Sino-Dental.
  • ž Suggested credential document submission: videos/photos/documented visitor list of international dealers participating in Sino-Dental; invitation to the international dealers and potential attendee list for the next year, etc.


For further explanation on scoring criteria, please click on the link below for your reference:

Please refer to the following link to check the floor plan and booth application form: