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China National Convention Center (CNCC)

Author:Sino-Dental 2016-05-20
The China National Convention Center (CNCC), a stately edifice covering 530,000 square meters, towers over Beijing’s northern horizon, along with landmarks like the Bird’s Nest, or Beijing National Stadium. Having served as a competition spot for fencing and for the shooting and fencing events in the modern pentathlon in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the CNCC underwent a year-long retrofit that transformed the sportswear facility into a conference venue. Since completion of renovations in November 2009,the CNCC has hosted a number of high-profile international events, underlining its prestige domestically and globally in the convention and exhibition industry.
Over the six-year period that ended in October 2015,the facility provided venues for 4.871 conferences and 458 exhibitions, amounting to 2.5 events daily. Many, such as the China Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services, the 2014 APEC Summit, the Sixth Xiangshan Forum (focusing on international security and defense issues sponsored by the China Society of Military Science), and the Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC) 2015,wielded considerable international influence.
The center believes that the future of convention and exhibition facilities lies in better alignment of professional services with the theme of any particular event. This calls for further segmentation of the market and greater diversification of services.
Dining service is a key component buy often the weakest link in the services of convention centers. The China National Convention Center, however, has carved out a niche in this respect through its outstanding capacity and competitiveness.

Brand Building

Building a strong brand and pinpointing an appropriate niche in today’s market are the constant pursuits of the China National Convention Center. In 2013 it spearheaded formulation of the Operational Service Regulations of Exhibition Center, and the Operational Service Regulations of Exhibition Center, both of which were sanctioned by relevant authorities. It later compiled the Classification and Terminology of Meetings, which became the first national standard for the convention industry.


An arm of the Beijing North Star Industrial Group, the CNCC proactively responds to the group’s management contracting plan. August 2013 saw the dispatch of its first team to help with management of the Zhuhai International Convention & Exhibition Center, which opened in October 2014. It later signed management contracts with Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center, Nanchang Greenland Expo Center, Ningxia International Hall in Yinchuan, and Hangzhou Olympic and International Expo Center.


The excellence of its services, evident in the center’s array of achievements, innovative spirit, and down-to-earth attitude, has taken the CNCC to the forefront of China’s convention and exhibition industry. It is now making confident moves towards the international market.